Visual Development/ Concept Art

Concept paintings for scenes from the story "Mekalai"

Visual Development process for a scene from "Charlie and the Chocolate factory" by Roald Dal. We were asked to do an action scene from the story and I chose to do the scene where Violette turns into a giant blueberry and the oompa loompas are trying to hold her down. On this page you see the graphic thumbnails, color studies and final painting process.

This is another scene from the same story, when Charlie Bucket discovers the Chocolate waterfall that mixes and churns all the yummy chocolate!

Concept artwork done for my Final thesis project at AAU. This is a map of the area that the story covers. It is based on imaginary fantastical lands of ancient India..

Character sketches for my thesis story "Mekalai"

Props and environment studies for the story...

Color script

Background Painting

Background painting

Layout of a petty shop

Icon design for an Iphone classifieds app developed by Shorepoint Systems Inc.


Character Design, prop design, color scripts, concept art environment design