Navratri celebrates the power of the feminine; good over evil, positivity over negativity. This portrait is of Parvati, the first Goddess celebrated on the first day of Navratri. She is often seen with a lotus in one hand and a trishul in the other. I’d like to think of her as a “will tolerate no nonsense” Goddess.

Pebble beach, California.
Digital painting practice.

Old Hill the book I worked on is finally here! so good to hold the actual book in my hands…

Mister Fox

Trying out new texture brushes... Not sure I like the look yet!

For the South Asian Heart Center at El Camino Hospital, Mountain View, CA

Artwork done for Visweta. Visweta is a dance performance group in the San Francisco Bay area; every year they put up this amazing show and donate the proceeds to charity! Glad I could contribute in a small way...